New Patient Information

Thank you for the trust you are placing in the professionals of The Psychology and Counseling Group. For your initial appointment, please plan to be in our office from one and a half to two hours for this first visit. After reviewing your paperwork, your therapist will meet with you. For this initial evaluation we attempt to set aside enough time to thoroughly understand what brings you to counseling, to gather background information, to develop a treatment plan, etc. Therefore, your meeting with your therapist could last from an hour to two hours. (Follow-up visits generally last 45-50 minutes.)

When you arrive for your appointment, we will need your driver’s license or similar card for identification. Should you plan to use insurance, we will also need your insurance card. As a courtesy, we will make every effort to accurately determine your insurance benefits. Also as a courtesy, we will submit your insurance claims and perform any reasonable follow-up. However, please keep in mind that on occasion, the benefit information provided us by and insurance company may differ from the actual coverage. Actual coverage can only be determined upon receipt of the insurance reimbursement and the patient remains financially responsible for all charges.

Your therapist is in independent practice at The Psychology and Counseling Group and, as such, assumes responsibility for all clinical decisions related to your care. Since your appointment time has been set aside specifically for you, should you for any reason be unable to keep this appointment, please contact our office at 407 523-1213 at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time to either cancel or reschedule. We make reminder calls for your first visit. However, we do not make reminder calls for follow-up visits.

You have the option to complete the initial paperwork prior to your appointment. You are welcome to stop by our office to pick up the paperwork or you may print out the paperwork from our website. If you are unable to download our forms or would prefer to complete them in our office, please plan to arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to your appointment to allow enough time to complete the necessary paperwork.

Remember to bring your completed paperwork.