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Kimberley Walker, LMHC

Published Author

Kimberley Walker, LMHC, NCC recently published her first book entitled Rattle the Cage: Shape the Behaviors You Want in Pets, Children and Even Your Spouse. Two years in the writing, Rattle the Cage is designed to teach you powerful behavior modification skills that can help you transform all your relationships and create a more balanced life.

Kimberley is already working on her next book which is called Life Didn't Go As Planned. Now What?

Kathy Giangrande, LMHC

Helping Others

Kathy enjoys doing volunteer work to help others. This picture was taken on a trip with a team to assist with disaster relief in Panama City following Hurricane Michael.

"I have been able to focus this interest in the area of disaster relief and serving the homeless. Helping others with basic needs can be a part of the encouragement they need to rise up out of difficult events and circumstances in their lives."

Suellen Fagin-Allen, LMHC

Accomplished Vocalist and Musician

Suellen Fagin-Allen, LMHC travelled to Portugal and Spain where she spent a week studying choral music written during the Renaissance with 50 other accomplished musicians from around the globe. The group gave three concerts at area cathedrals and a final concert at a 16th century palace near Avila under the direction of Peter Phillips, leader of one of the world's pre-eminent choral ensembles.

Ashely Taylor, M.S., LMHC

Helping Those In Need
As the Coronavirus threatens our ability to meet and support one another in the traditional sense, we must all focus on what we can control. And that requires the ability to think and work in a nontraditional manner. Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Ashely Taylor, has this unique ability.
Currently she provides resources for those who have lost their jobs, helps those unable to afford counseling services, and works with organizations to provide online counseling services to those in need. In addition, she offers group sessions in stress management to medical providers and first responders. She does all this while continuing to provide culturally competent counseling services to her private practice patients during these trying times.

Gail Mock, PsyD

Volunteerism has always been an important part of Dr Mock’s work. Past volunteer work has included the Parents Resource Center, Shepherd’s Hope and NOVA. More recently she has volunteered with the ARC Mental Health Disaster Relief Team and as a counselor with the moving Vietnam Wall. In December 2019, she participated in the Laying of the Wreaths ceremony at the St Augustine National Cemetery.

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