Suellen Fagin-Allen, JD, MA, NCC, LMHC

Suellen Fagin-Allen, MA, LMHC, NCC

Suellen Fagin-Allen welcomes individual clients middle-aged and older who may be experiencing a loss of meaning and purpose in their lives.   While it is not easy and sometimes may seem daunting to confront feelings of regret, sadness, anxiety, panic, guilt, shame, anger and grief over past life choices, uneasiness about the present and anxieties or fears over what may be ahead of us, there is much to be gained from this work.  Ms. Fagin-Allen brings a mindfulness-based, Here-and-Now perspective and a meaning-centered approach to the counseling relationship which helps clients look at their lives through a new, more compassionate lens that promotes forgiveness of self and others and frees up energy to focus on what is actually possible in the present and to feel hope for what may be possible in the future.  Additionally, having found that unbalanced psychic energy often manifests as physical distress – and vice versa, she encourages and fosters, through somatic and similar therapies, an integrative, mind-body-spirit connection which promotes overall wellness and a sense of inner peace.

A graduate of Rollins College with fifteen years’ experience in providing psychotherapy primarily to individual adults in Central Florida, Ms. Fagin-Allen also has advanced degrees and significant professional experience in the musical, business/non-profit and legal fields.  In addition to ‘mid-lifers’, she enjoys working with legal and healthcare professionals, musicians and other ‘artsy’ types, and people facing health or disability-related issues.  Her life experience as a person with a physical disability using a wheelchair for mobility has provided her with significant opportunities to improvise and to think ‘outside the box’ which she believes enable her to empathize with a wide variety of people and circumstances.

When not in the office, Ms. Fagin-Allen enjoys travelling, photography, singing, reading, staying fit, and spending time with her husband of 31 years and their delightful cat. She recently organized and rehearsed a chamber choir that performed three of a composer-friend’s pieces in concert, acquired a new camera, visited Maritime Canada and celebrated her 65th birthday with few thoughts of slowing down.

Ms. Fagin-Allen is in independent practice.

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