H. Leveta Horne, PhD

H. Leveta Horne, PhD provides complete neuropsychological evaluations and excels in differential diagnosis to properly identify, and therefore properly treat, often misdiagnosed disorders. These disorders frequently include ADHD, Autism, learning disorders, various forms of dementia, and others. Dr. Horne enjoys working with patients and their families to identify areas of strength that can be used to improve areas of weakness. She works with patients and their families to understand the results of testing and build appropriate and effective treatment plans.

Dr. Horne also provides baseline and continuing evaluations for individuals who require regular monitoring over time. Dr. Horne measures the overall functioning of the patient’s brain and then reviews the data to inform diagnosis and treatment planning. This scientific approach removes bias of observational opinion and better identifies, and leads to treatment of, the cause of symptoms rather than merely treating the symptoms.

Dr. Horne does not believe in treatment in isolation, rather she takes a full approach to healthcare including relationships, sleep, diet, exercise, and transitions (such as change in career, relationship, or health status) as well as specifically treating any areas of concern, weakness, or impairment. To this end, Dr. Horne provides therapy for couples who are struggling in any or all of these areas. She has recently written a book on decision making, choices, and problem solving in relationships. It is not necessary to have a neuropsychological evaluation with Dr. Horne in order to have therapy with her.

Dr. Horne also provides consultation to businesses of all sizes to create healthier and thus more efficient and profitable environments.

Dr. Horne is a member of The National Academy of Neuropsychology, The American Psychological Association, The American Psychological Association, Division 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology), The American Psychological Association, Division 13 (Consulting), and The Florida Psychological Association. Dr. Horne maintains privileges at Florida Hospital and participates in the Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus program as a clinician and a researcher.

Dr. Horne is in independent practice.

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